For many homeowners, spring is the time of year to deep clean the house. Spring cleaning usually means cleaning the home more thoroughly than you do for your normal routine. There are many places in the home that rarely get cleaned because they are hard to access or forgotten. Here are 4 commonly missed spots that you should pay attention to in your spring cleaning ritual.

Spring Cleaning Behind Appliances

Appliances are heavy and cumbersome to move, so they rarely get cleaned around, underneath, and behind. During spring cleaning, pull all appliances away from the walls to get the area clean. Use a vacuum attachment to clean refrigerator coils and the dryer vent. Vacuum and mop the floors where the appliances usually sit. Wipe down the sides of appliances that may have food spills and drips. You’ll be surprised how dirty it can get behind appliances. Cleaning can help appliances last longer and also removes crumbs that attract pests.

Places That Collect Germs

Some of the most common places that collect germs and aren’t cleaned often enough are doorknobs, remote controls, toilets, and handles. Several people touch these items every day and germs collect on them from their hands. Use an antibacterial disinfectant to wipe down cabinet pulls, faucet handles, video game consoles, remotes, light switches, and doorknobs. People hate cleaning toilets, but they are one of the dirtiest places in a home and must be cleaned during spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning for Window Treatments

Window treatments aren’t cleaned very often because it is a hassle to take them down from windows and put them back up. The most effective way to clean blinds and curtains is by removing them first. For blinds, place them in a bathtub with some warm water and dish soap and let them soak. Caked on dust will loosen up and wash right off. Rinse them and thoroughly dry them off before re-installing them. Curtains and drapes can usually be laundered in the washing machine, just follow the instructions on the care tag.


People clean their floors often, but the baseboards usually are forgotten. Cleaning baseboards isn’t fun because you are required to kneel down, but you’ll notice a difference once they are clean. Use a damp microfiber cloth to dust them. It isn’t difficult but may take a long time if your house is large. Do this task after cleaning the house from the top down.

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