Things You Can Do to Keep Your Home Healthy and Safe

A home should be a comfortable and secure place to spend time. Simple changes in habits will make a difference in keeping your family safer. Here are a few tips to create a healthy and safe home.

Test for Radon to Keep Your Home Healthy and Safe

Radon is a radioactive gas naturally released as a by-product of the breakdown of uranium beneath the earth. Radon seeps up through the soil into the air and enters a house through holes, cracks, and gaps in the foundation or walls. Next to cigarette smoking, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

Testing for radon is essential for a healthy and safe home. There are DIY test kits available, however, a radon professional is trained to administer and read tests correctly. If radon is found, a professional can design a mitigation system to ventilate your home and move the radon out of the living spaces.

Install Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are an effective and affordable way to provide an alert of fire in the home. For an adequate early warning, it is recommended that you have at least one device on each floor of your home, including the basement and attic. Install smoke detectors in every bedroom and in the hallway outside the bedrooms. In the kitchen, it’s helpful to place the alarm 10-12 feet away from cooking appliances to reduce the chances of false alarms.

Boost Safety With Window Locks

Keep your home safe and secure by installing locks on every window of your home. They offer protection to your family members and your belongings. Make sure you close and lock the windows, even on upper floors, every time you leave the home.

Clean Regularly to Create a Healthy and Safe Home

Regular house cleaning is very important to keep a home healthy and safe. Cleaning prevents bacteria build-up, improves air quality, and removes germs that may harm you and your family. In flu season, or when you have a sick family member, add disinfectants to your cleaning routine. Places that need extra attention when cleaning are the kitchen and bathrooms.

The kitchen is where food-preparation takes place, so it’s necessary to thoroughly wash and sanitize all surfaces. Wash the dishtowels, sponges, and cutting board as well.

Bacteria accumulate in the bathroom. Clean all surfaces at least twice a week with disinfectant cleansers. Immediately soak up water spills and splashes, hang wet towels, and use the ventilation fan when bathing or showering. These practices will help to keep your bathroom healthy and mold-free.

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