In 2020, many people have been spending more time at home. Instead of wondering what to do with yourself, take this opportunity to complete some inexpensive DIY home improvements. These 5 projects won’t break the bank and are simple enough to tackle on your own.

Inexpensive DIY Home Improvements: Add Crown Molding

Installing wooden crown molding takes some work, but there is a simpler way that looks just as elegant. TRIMROC molding is much easier to work with because it cuts smoothly and adheres quickly. It is made from polystyrene foam covered in plaster, so it is more lightweight than wood. Make your home feel more luxurious by adding this type of crown molding.

Install a Water Filter

Most tap water has impurities. It often contains chlorine that is added by the municipality along with other contaminants. Address this issue by installing a water filter. There are many types of water filters that remove different contaminants, so find out what chemicals and pollutants are in your water before purchasing a filter.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Dull cabinets make your kitchen look old and dated, but there is a cheap and easy way to freshen up your kitchen. Painting cabinets doesn’t take very much time or paint, so it is one of the most inexpensive DIY home improvements. You can’t go wrong by painting the cabinets white to make the kitchen look new and modern, or choose a bold color if you want them to stand out.

Inexpensive DIY Home Improvements: Recaulk the Bathroom

Over time, the caulk around tubs and sinks starts to deteriorate and peel away. This problem can cause unseen damage by letting water seep into the drywall. Prevent rot and mold by re-caulking these areas. Scrape away the peeling caulk and use a caulk gun to apply new silicone caulk around the tub, shower, and sink.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is an investment of a few hundred dollars, but the return is well worth it. A programmable thermostat lets you schedule the temperature of your home throughout the day. If there is no one at home and it is hot outside, set the temperature a few degrees higher so that the air conditioner isn’t cooling an empty house. You’ll see a difference in your energy bill.

Complete some or all of these projects for a sense of accomplishment and pride in your home.

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