During these unusual times, many states have told their residents to stay at home to curb the spread of COVID-19. The weather is starting to get nice, and you would probably prefer to travel and visit friends this spring. However, social distancing doesn’t have to be time wasted. Let’s take a look at a few home improvement projects you can tackle while social distancing.

Landscaping Home Improvements While Social Distancing

Winter weather takes a toll on your yard, sometimes causing damage to trees on your property. Come spring, it’s common for fallen limbs to litter the lawn which makes it hard for the grass to grow in. Damaged and dying branches can damage vehicles, harm people, and may fall on your house. When the weather warms, examine your outdoor areas. Hire a tree company to remove broken branches from trees. Spend a day cleaning up the yard, removing leaves, twigs, and branches. You’ll boost the curb appeal and make your property safer.

Create a Garden Space

Being stuck at home provides the perfect opportunity to create a garden. Gardening doesn’t necessarily require a lot of space. Choose a sunny spot in the yard or use pots and planters to create a garden area on the deck or porch. Plant bright blooms and grow veggies to enjoy later this summer. You’ll enjoy a new outdoor hobby and produce food for your family.

Stain Your Concrete Patio

If your patio is dull, liven it up with a concrete stain. Begin the project by thoroughly cleaning the concrete. It’s necessary to remove all dust and dirt for a smooth finish. Follow the instructions on the can to get the best results.

Home Improvement While Social Distancing: Repair the Deck

Seasonal changes affect your wooden deck. Over time you will begin to see splintering, split boards, and warped deck materials. While you’re bored at home, repair your deck. Minor problems are easy to handle on your own. Scrub the deck clean. Sand away any splinters. If the wooden boards are badly damaged, replace them. Reattach loose railings, hammer in any nails that have popped out, and then stain and seal your deck to weatherproof it. Taking care of your deck will improve its safety.

There are plenty of projects you can tackle while social distancing. Get your family members involved to help pass the time and improve your home together.

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