When you are designing and building your dream home, there are many things to take into consideration. You’ll think about layout, traffic flow, daylight, views, fixtures, and so much more. A custom build allows you to include special design elements. Let’s look at a few features for your new home that personalize the space and increase value.

1. A Full Basement is One of the More Useful Features for Your New Home

If you are building a home with a basement, have the foundation walls poured so that you have an 8-foot ceiling height. Make sure your builder waterproofs the foundation properly, including perimeter drainage. A full-height basement is a great investment. It offers additional storage space. You may choose to finish the basement for additional living space, such as a children’s playroom or a home office.

2. Wider Garage

If you can afford the space, add a few feet to the width of the garage. This will allow you to store more than a vehicle inside. You’ll be able to open car doors without knocking over bikes, play equipment, or garbage cans. You will also have space to install a shelving system for organizing tools and storing bulk food and paper goods.

3. Radiant Floor Heating

A great feature to add when building a new home is radiant floor heating. This is a system of heating coils that are installed beneath the flooring material. If you are building in a colder climate, it is luxurious to walk on a heated surface first thing in the morning. This feature will supplement the heat produced by your furnace.

4. Features for Your New Home: Screened Porch

Screened porches provide extra outdoor space to enjoy in warmer weather. In an area with bothersome insects, a screened porch prevents bug bites. While planning this space, add a ceiling fan and comfortable seating for relaxing and entertaining.

5. Smart Home Technology

Have your contractor add smart home technology. This could include a security system, camera doorbell, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, programmable thermostats, and lighting with motion and daylight sensors. Choose a system you can operate remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

When shopping for kitchen appliances and plumbing fixtures, purchase equipment that can be accessed remotely or digitally. For instance, newer refrigerators are equipped with cameras so you can see what you need while you are in the market. Smart faucets have digital heat and flow sensors that can save energy.

Building a custom home is an exciting and challenging experience. While in the planning stages, choose unique features that make your home more comfortable and efficient. Some of these elements will add value to your new home when it comes time to sell.

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