First impressions play a significant role when it comes to making decisions. A home that makes a great first impression to a potential buyer is much more likely to sell faster than one with visible deficiencies. For homeowners looking to list their property on the market, these 4 steps can go a long way toward improving curb appeal.

Improving Curb Appeal With Landscaping

A property with dull landscaping lacks curb appeal. Some sellers think it helps to provide a buyer with a clean slate, but most buyers want to have at least a start on the landscaping. They don’t have to worry about shopping for trees and shrubs once they close on the house and move in.

It’s not enough just to have landscaping in place. The plants must also be well-maintained. Overgrown limbs, dead flowers, and a brown lawn will only make a potential buyer think about how much work the yard needs.

Repaint and Repair

Worn out surfaces on the home look like an immediate problem to buyers. They’ll probably assume that the same neglect on the outside will exist on the inside. This can include everything from porch railings to shutters, and door frames to deck boards. To have your best shot at a good offer, repair those little problems. You don’t want the outside of your home to look neglected and worn-down.

Organize and Clean

Another easy technique for improving curb appeal is simply to put things away. Organize visible items to help buyers imagine how they might set things up in the home. It’s a great way to show the house’s storage potential. A tidy home sends a message that you have taken care of it.

Get those bicycles and kids’ toys out of the yard and hung up in the garage. Roll up the garden hose neatly and hang it on a rack or a reel. Sweep off the porch, pressure-wash the sidewalk and driveway, and remove clutter from the yard.

Improving Curb Appeal With Outdoor Lighting

While a realtor may only show your home during the day, potential buyers will scout out the house at other times. If your home looks dark and uninviting in the evening, they’ll remember that even when the sun is shining.

New exterior lights, an updated lantern post, and the addition of walkway lights can go a long way toward improving curb appeal for your home. Attractive exterior lighting boosts the home’s appearance instead of just helping people see where they’re going.

Selling a house is not just about the dimensions and design. It has to grab attention from a buyer who has probably looked at dozens of homes. With these simple steps for improving curb appeal, you’ll help your house stand out from all the others.

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