Water leaks and flooding can cause problems, including structural damage, to your home. If left unchecked, moisture may lead to mold growth and a variety of health issues. Inspect your home, paying attention to discoloration, peeling paint, and unpleasant odors. This helps you get one step ahead of potentially catastrophic problems. Here are a few ways to spot moisture problems in the home.

Preventing Residential Water Damage

Keeping your home safe from water damage starts with awareness. Seek immediate repair solutions at the first sign of discoloration, bubbling wallpaper, or leaking pipes. This will assure your home has the best chance to recover from moisture issues.

Peeling Paint and Wallpaper are Signs of Moisture Problems in the Home

If you notice peeling paint or bubbles beneath your wallpaper, you may be experiencing moisture issues in your home. Walls are prime areas to be affected by hidden water leaks. One of the most common and dangerous discoveries caused by water is mold growth, which needs to be treated to prevent spreading. Water-damaged walls can eventually weaken, leading to cracks and deterioration of the materials. These issues should be addressed immediately.


Brown, yellow, or orange staining is a sign of moisture and water damage that is ordinarily seen on ceilings or walls. The size of the stain is a good indication of how severe the damage is. These stains may be caused by a leaking plumbing pipe or a damaged and leaking roof. Repairs should be made to remedy the moisture issue before repairing and repainting the wall or ceiling.

Strange Odors Can Indicate Moisture Problems in the Home

Strange, musty odors indicate you have moisture issues in your home. Often the damp odor is a result of mold or mildew formation. Areas that are high in humidity provide the perfect breeding ground for mold to form. If you notice an odor in your home, investigate to find its source. Carefully clean up any mold and the odor should go away. Locating and removing mold often requires hiring a professional.

Mold Growth

Visible mold growth is an obvious sign of a moisture problem. It may appear as streaks or spots of varying colors. However, often mold begins to develop within walls, beneath carpets, under cabinets, or in other out-of-sight places. Water leaks and high humidity are the most likely causes of mold development. Because mold is responsible for a variety of health issues, like upper respiratory problems and irritation of the nose, eyes, and throat, the source of the moisture should be addressed and mold mitigation can begin.

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