Moving to another state is exciting and stressful. You’re looking forward to a new lifestyle and change of scenery, but you have no idea what to expect. Here are a few ways to make relocating easier.

Plan a Budget When Moving to Another State

Add up your expected expenses, make a budget, and start saving before it’s time to move. You will have moving expenses whether you rent a truck and do it yourself or hire a moving company. Be prepared to pay deposits for utilities and the fees for a driver’s license and car registration. If you’re moving into an apartment, have your deposit ready, or closing costs if you’re buying a home. If you work in two states in the same year, you’ll be paying income taxes in both states.

Keep a Notebook

Start a binder to keep track of your budget, estimates, dates, and create a checklist to cross off tasks as they’re accomplished. Staying organized will reduce stress, plus all the important information will be in one place. Keep medical and school records and other important documents in the binder so you know where they are during the moving process.

Reach Out to Future Neighbors

Relocating to another state can be lonely, especially if you’re moving by yourself. Join and a local Facebook group to feel more connected. These online resources are also great places to find recommendations, used furniture, and tips about the neighborhood.

Learn the Rules

The laws in every state are slightly different. Do some online research to learn how long you have to register your car and get a driver’s license in your new state. Also, look over the ordinances in the town where you’ll be living and familiarize yourself with the homeowners’ association rules.

Make a Plan for Moving Your Belongings to a New State

If you don’t feel confident loading up all of your belongings and driving them to your new home, hire movers to handle the job. Another option is renting a shipping container. The company will deliver it and put it in your driveway or a parking spot on the street. You can load it as time allows, and the company will get it safely to your new location. If your new home’s not ready, many storage companies will store it for you for a fee. Professional movers are more expensive but make moving less stressful. Talk with at least three companies and get references and written estimates.

Evaluate Your Belongings

Transporting large items, like sofas, to another state is more expensive than moving them locally. Selling large belongings and replacing them when you arrive in your new home may be less expensive than taking them with you. Also, sell or donate outgrown toys, clothes, and other items you rarely use before you move.

When Moving to a New State, Take Care of Your Pets

Update your animal’s microchips before you move, and keep pets in secure carriers while traveling. If you’re driving, don’t let them out of their carriers without a leash. Some animals get uneasy when they are far from home and may try to run away.

The key to successfully moving to another state is planning and being prepared. Take the time to educate yourself on costs and options for getting to your new home.

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