Summer is coming to an end, the cooler months of autumn have arrived, and winter will be here soon. Tackle fall home maintenance tasks to keep your household in proper working order. The cold weather that’s on the way can lead to problems in your home. Follow these steps to stay on top of issues before they become major concerns.

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

Check Your HVAC System

Your heating appliances need to be in good shape for the fall and winter. HVAC equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained will cost you more in energy bills and won’t be efficient at keeping your home comfortable.

Have a qualified HVAC technician complete an inspection of your heating and cooling system. These check-ups are best done twice each year, but before the weather gets cold is an especially important time to make sure your home will be warm this winter.

Remove Leaves from Your Property

One of the most beautiful parts of fall is the changing colors of the leaves. However, as pretty as this transformation is, it can become problematic for you as a homeowner. Removing the leaves from your lawn and cleaning them out of the gutters are important parts of maintaining a home.

A blanket of heavy leaves accumulating on the grass is detrimental to new growth in the spring. Equally important is taking time to remove clogs from your gutters. Scoop out leaves, twigs, and other debris to prevent water from pooling up in the channels. Clogged gutters can lead to expensive damage to your roof, siding, and landscaping.

Fall Home Maintenance: Prepare Your Plumbing

Like your heating and air conditioning systems, the plumbing in your home also requires attention when cold weather is approaching. Issues such as frozen or burst pipes are costly to have repaired and they make life more complicated for you and your family.

To avoid issues during cold weather, prepare your plumbing for the winter as part of your fall home maintenance checklist. Consult with your plumbing professional to make sure your measures are sufficient for the local climate.

Some of the steps you can take include installing pipe insulation, detaching and draining the garden hose, and making sure exterior taps and faucets are shut off and covered. This will keep your plumbing system properly protected during the coldest parts of the year.

When you complete these fall home maintenance tasks, you’ll ensure your property is ready for cold weather. By making a preemptive effort, you will save yourself from potential property damage over the winter. Changing seasons are a good time to do projects around the home to keep its systems and components functioning well.

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